Nautilus Aquarium & Pet Supplies stocks most major aquarium brands, and a huge range of foods and accessories for fish, reptiles, dogs, cats, birds and small animals.

We have a large range of fish tanks and complete set ups with everything you need!

Our specialty is rare and unusual fish, with knowledgeable and highly experienced staff that can help you with all aspects of pet care. Collectively, our staff has over 115 years of experience in the pet and aquarium industries! We cater for the budget-conscious through to the top-end experienced fish keeper.

Nautilus Aquarium & Pet Supplies stocks a massive range of aquarium gH conditioners, kH buffers and controlling agents.

Every Aqua-Pics product is available here (including bulk products).  Aqua-Pics is a proudly 100% Australian owned company manufacturing premium aquarium products right here in Australia!

For further information on Aqua-Pics products, please visit the website by clicking the Aqua-Pics logo: